To get things done you need tools. The tools you pick will impact the work you do and how you do it. If you use right tools, tools that fit your style of work, appeal to you then the work you produce will be of a higher quality. You also will be able to do more as you will enjoy using your tools. Finding the right tools and building a toolkit takes time and trial and error. Below you will find a list of tools which let me get things done.

First of all I use PC, you may find that most of the apps I use have Mac equivalent. For those were there isn’t don’t worry there are other tools available to you which make many windows user jealous.

Desktop and webapps

  • Google – I rely on Google services because they are fast, integrate lot of features and always available. I use their email, calendar, reader and since I got the android phone I’m even more happy as everything that I need is at my finger tips.
  • Remember the Milk – task management and basic project management. I’ve tried number of different tools but decided this is most convenient and feature rich for my needs. Although RTM is not perfect and I would like to see couple additional features it suits me very well.
  • Evernote – support material and reference. as well as ubiquitous capture of ideas.
  • ResphNotes – if you prefer plain text to store you note this is excellent solution letting you create, search, edit individual files.
  • Dropbox – file sync and backup solution. This is where majority of my current project and writing live until they are finished and archived.
  • WriteMonkey – distraction free writing tool that keep getting better and better.
  • Phrase Express – fantastic text expansion  and automation tool. I’m using only 10% of it’s enormous power.
  • Mind Maple – New kind on the block. Mind mapping tool which lets me get a problem out on a screen and see what’s out there. I use it to draft articles, projects, ideas.
  • UV Outliner  – fantastic outlining tool for Windows with support for rich text and multiple columns.
  • Notepad ++ – text editor of choice especially for instances when I need to change something inside my blog like template or page layouts.
  • Firefox and Thunderbird – my main browser and email client from Mozilla Foundation. Both provide great features and functionality.

Basic Android applications:

  • Remember the Milk – for accessing tasks on the go. Work in both online and offline mode.
  • Evernote – ubi capture.
  • Pomodroido – excellen Pomodoro technique compliant timer with little challenges and point build in to make use it more.
  • Dropbox – to look at my drafts and uploading pictures on the go.

Analogue or Low Fi

  • Moleskine/Other noteboook – any notebook will do the trick, I got mine as birthday gift and really enjoyed it.
  • Index cards – great for organising scattered thoughts and capturing ideas
  • Random pen/pencil – I tend to use whatever is at hand although pencils have preference now.
  • Emerging Task Planner