A Perfect Day

What is the purpose of all the productivity systems, tools for managing tasks and projects?What do we want from them?  Why do we need their help?
I would assume that we all want to create something, be it writing an article, coding a website, putting a presentation. Each of us may have a different answer to that but I think it can be funneled into to something that’s called a perfect day. A day when everything goes as planned, a day that leaves us satisfied with the progress on things that are important.
Visualising a perfect day can be a very powerful tool to create the desired effect. I think when we consciously work on creating visions and plans we engage in a process of internal change that will result in the vision becoming a reality.
How would you like to for your day to look like? What would perfect day look like? What would happen on that day?
For me it would be something like this:

  • My day has been planned a day before
  • Work on the planned actions and complete something for an important project
  • Have a lunch and go for a walk,
  • Complete planned triathlon workout,
  • Read a book and talk with someone,
  • Work on some more actions,
  • Enjoy the evening feeling accomplished,

This is my perfect day. What I like about it is that it can serve as reminder of how I want things to look like in my life. It’s also a kind of checklist that I can refer to see how far off I’m and what needs to happen to get there.

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