How mind mapping can improve you business

I’m finding that mind maps are becoming one of the pillars in my personal productivity system. I use them very, very often. I have a shortcut on my task bar to launch Freeplane – my current mind mapping program of choice. I even set up a special key combinations  in ActiveWords application to launch  my most important mind maps. I’m literally just two clicks away from almost any mind map on my computer. In addition on the go if I want to draw a quick map I can do this on the Android phone thanks to ThinkingSpace application.

If you seen some examples of mind mapping but you’re still not sure if it will do the job. Perhaps you’re looking for other ways to leverage the power of mind mapping. If that’s the case you might be interested in below blog post by Chuck Frey of


As a result, a savvy businesspeople are utilizing this type of productivity software for an amazing number of applications, including these:

1. Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis.

2. Plan and manage a project.

3. Plan a meeting – including outlining the agenda, meeting room requirements and invitees.

4. Capture ideas from a group brainstorming meeting.

5. Maintain an idea database.

Does this sound interesting? Head over to for the full article on  45 ways to use mind mapping software for business.

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