Keep it slow

I’m learning my lesson to keep it slow. In the last few months I had to cut down my running due to a medical problem that prevented me from hitting my standard pace.

Since I’ve resumed running I can only do it at a very low intensity and pace.This is completely new experience for me as I’m well used to pushing myself hard. First of all it’s very difficult to adjust to new lower pace. I need to be very much conscious of my speed and control it. Often times I need to remind myself to slow down. It’s not always easy because of the by internal idea that only slow people and newbies run at my pace. Need to swallow a lot of pride to feel comfortable but I’m getting there.

What this has to do with productivity?

Well a lot. As more and more stuff is coming my way, I’m learning to accept the fact that I can’t do it all. I need to make conscious hard choices about where to put my attention. Sure it’s often fun and exciting to constantly engaging in new projects and activities but this can’t last forever. At some point something gotta give. I’m learning that I can’t do it all and keep everybody happy because I’m one person.

I have my limits, my time is limited, my attention is limited. There is only so much that I can do in 8-9 hours at work. Rather than except everything and strain your limits constantly try this Delegate, say ‘No’, Delete. May not always be possible but it might be enough to buy you some time.

High volume is not sustainable in the long run. Regardless if you are researching an issue, dealing with a client, drafting a proposal if you get too many of these after a while they become a blurr. All you can remember is that you deal with this before but was it last week, two weeks ago or just on Monday?

You/I need periods of down town to absorb new information, to re-think progress etc.

So keep it slow. Remember the parable where a tortoise and a hare take part in the race. In the end slower one won.


PS. I’ve signed up for Dublin marathon in Oct ‘11. Although I’m anxious to start training and get running I’m taking it slow and gradually build up my mileage.

Photo by LabirinthX

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