Keeping your toolkit clean

Toolkit, The Making of Closet, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Having the right tools is paramount for getting a job done. This sounds obvious but is it?

Here is an example, a friend of mine needed a small fix done at his home. He called a handyman to check it up and fix it. It took this guy two visits to fix this small issue only because he didn’t have the right tool. When he showed up first all he had was just car keys, he looked at the issue and decided he needed some parts. Came back next day brought the part and started fixing it. As you can imagine it wasn’t smooth job. He didn’t have basic tools and in the end my friend had to borrow him a wrench so the handyman could finish the job.
This is an extreme example of people not being prepared to do their job.

This got me thinking about my tools. Even though I don’t have a metal toolbox like a plumber I do use different tools. My computer is my toolbox and various applications are my tools. Different realm but the same idea.

Are tools aligned with the outcomes you want to achieve or are they scattered all over the place? To take control of my tools I would do three things:

– make a list of mostly used tools
– make sure I know them (good for security reasons)
– make sure they are the right tools for the job.

As you may have noticed I’m looking quite often at different applications,  it’s probably fair to say that I use or read about new tool almost every second day. I developed a habit to review the list of installed software on my laptop to make sure all the application serve some purpose. Whenever I notice an application that I no longer need I remove it using RevoUnistaller. It saves some space but it also makes the toolkit clean and up to date.

I’ve taken this approach listening to Enough podcast by Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley where they talk about having just enough (power, storage, apps) on your computer to do your work.

Do you look at your toolkit often? Does it matter for you whether it’s nice and clean or all over the place? 

Please share your views in the comments.

(photo by Wonderlane)

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