Easy reviews: RTM and Wall of widgets

Regular reviews of inbox, action lists and projects let us keep the momentum going and have your list handy. Below post which I found on Remember the Milk blog outlines how you can leverage RTM and your Android phone for better productivity:

Remember The Milk for Android features home screen widgets for you to see what’s going on at a glance. This week’s tip, shared by joooc, shows how to se what’s going on at a glance… four ways over.

I use RTM widgets on my Android phone to split the wall to four different areas:image

top-left: Today Smart List
top-right: "To-Do" – my primary tasks list
bottom-right: Inbox
bottom-left: "Buy" list for items like hangers, toothpaste, present for someone … and milk of course 😉

Together, they occupy exactly one of 7 walls available, creating an RTM wall with all the info and controls I need. It’s the first wall on the left so basically once I unlock my phone on the go, I only need to swipe once and voila – all the tasks are instantly visible to me at one glance.

It’s very practical and fast to see what’s there for the day while still having access to all task just a tap away. The "Buy" list is great for checking what I need to buy on my way home or actually when I’m shopping, not to forget anything. Even more, Inbox serves as a perfect Notepad tool for ideas and tasks gathering that I can’t process right now but neither I want them to fly away.

This is a great example of making the most of available features of an application and a phone. I’ve been using this a similar setup for a while but following this post I’ve added two more widgets on my screen. Now my wall includes following items:

  • Next actions for  today and next 2 days (a smart list)
  • Waiting for
  • Inbox
  • Projects (a smart list)

I definitely find this beneficial. Not only I can see what’s is coming up and where should I put my attention but it also reminds me that I need to do a review once one or more of my list are empty. The other plus is that I can display any sort of list I have created. This way, if I’m working on something big and complex I can set up a smart list for it and put it on my wall. Then all relevant tasks are in front so I know what to put my attention on.

Great way to stay updated with your system and keeping it current.

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