iPad at work

iPad accessory

photo by bm.iphone 

Mac Power Users podcast is a great resource for anyone using Apple technology ran by two Apple fans David Sparks and Katie Floyd. But this podcast is also a fantastic place to learn about productivity tools, setups and workflows. I’ve been listening to one of the older episodes number 59 in which David Sparks talks about how he had written his latest book "iPad at Work"

Obviously the episode is very much focused on iPad and how it can be used to write a book and us as a primary work device. Many people may not agree with such approach but quite a lot have already  proven that iPad is a very capable device and will match may/most users’ needs.

From my perspective the more interesting element was the whole process of writing a book and the organisational aspects of it. David Sparks goes into a lot of detail and describes his workflow. He starts with outlining how he worked through his initial ideas and thoughts. Then he moves on describing his writing process and the tools used and putting the text together. The whole episode is one of the most interesting workflow overviews I’ve listened to in recent weeks.

When listening to the episode you will come across different applications that are only available on iOS or MacOS platforms. You should be able to find good Windows or Linux equivalents on sites like alternative.net.

If you own an Apple device or are interested in technology and being productive with it this podcast is definitely one worth tuning in to.

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