Music in the office

Radio GaGa

Office Music — Yay or Nay? is a WorkAwesome post from couple months back. In essence it describes different views on the issue of music in the office. As you can easily imagine there are opponents and proponents of music in the office. By some it’s seen as a great distractor causing people to turn off and not responding to ringing phones or co-worker calls. Others see music as great aid in getting into a deep focus and putting attention on to a specific task. I would certainly agree with the premise, that in some jobs listening to music or radio can stimulate productivity. This can be especially effective for those working alone and or with limited contact with other people.

Personally I haven’t heard music in the office since 2005. I don’t miss it a lot. At this stage, I got used to music/radio free environment. However what I actually miss from time to time is the radio. I do enjoy listening to talk radio stations like the Irish Newstalk radio. I like to listen exchange of opinions and views, a commentary of most recent events etc. My current office setting does not allow for listening music nor radio which is good and bad. On the good side I would be too involved into listening and possibly done very litter of real job. Now on the bad side having radio on it could work as a barrier against the office notice which can be quite distracting.

Fortunately I can do as a please when I’m working from home which gives me a great opportunity to listen to favourite podcasts and some online radio.

Photo credit:L.Bernhardt

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