Evernote -ing

Evernote is a great tool for storing and managing information, unfortunately the potential of this application is so vast that it’s easy to get overwhelmend with the possibilities for slicing and dicing infromatio. Below are some the discussion topic on Evernote forum that I’ve found very useful.Coincidentally I’ve also completely destroyed my tagging system by removing all tags from note hence discussions on organisation become even more relevant.

A list of tips and strategie for Evernote users

Implementing GTD with Evernote

Tips and strategies for organising notes

Better tag list

Building my Evernote world

Strategies for using Evernote

Notebooks vs Tags

How much metadata do you apply to notes?

My favourite tip is to add date in  the YYYY-MM-DD format along with few keywords (not tags) to the title of the note. This provides better search capabilities and reduced the risk of data loss or hassle caused by removing all your tags like I just did today. Also some of the research suggest that we are quite good at remembering when things have happened so having date embedded makes it even easier to find notes.

I do recommend exploring the Evernote forums especially if you are stuck or looking some clever uses or unusual tips trick.


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