Techology Decisions Innovation


Finding a new solution requires going beyond what’s currently available or considered as possible.
It requires a lot of effort and approach that goes against popular thinking. presents a very good list of ideas and strategies to become more innovative.

What It Takes To Innovate: Wrong-Thinking, Tinkering & Intuiting


Advent of new tools and technologies makes us lost, the choice is limitless, differences are often barely noticeable. It’s all confusing so minimalism seems like a good solution but is it? It might be the case that through minimalism you limit options for being productive, producing content and doing your work in general. Recent article by has an interesting list of steps to consider for setting up your systems and making the most out of the technology.

Don’t be a minimalist.Regain focus with technology


We are bad at making money decisions and money is just a number that we attach to things. As result it’s easy to spend money, after all we don’t lose anything just a number. To make a better decisions think what you are getting for that money and consider whether is there something else that could give you more value for it? A solid advice from Seth Godin.

Making big decisions about money

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