Stop switching tools

Few weeks ago I decided that Remember the Milk is not sufficient for my needs and Wunderlist would allow me to manage my tasks and projects especially.Then I’ve spend couple hours transferring stuff from one application to another. Since there is no easy import/export option available it took me some time.
As you can imagine after another couple hours I came to conclusion that I’m missing some nice features that Remember the Milk has and in fact it’s actually still serve me my needs well despite with its shortcomings.

Such switching tools is very unproductive and takes a lot of time without providing much value. It would only be justified to spend some time moving playing around with different apps if I were to test them and check their features and options.
To avoid going through this process and subsequent frustration over wasted time and effort I used an approach that I picked up from Jason Womack’s book “Your Best Just Got Better” that I’ve read recently.
I opened a new page in my notebook and spent some time thinking and writing down answers to below questions:

[colored_box variation=”deepblue”]how I work?
what I want to achieve?
what I want from the tool(s)?
what is the purpose that the tool is to serve me?. [/colored_box]
It took me ten minutes to come up with a half a page list of different ideas and observations. As result I came up with a better understanding of the tools and my own needs. Surprisingly it was a very simple and easy thing to do.

Next time when I’ll think of changing tools, I will refer to my notes and see whether anything has changed and makes it valid to look somewhere else.
If the answer is no then I will stick with it what I’m used to and not wast my time anymore.

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