CORE of productivity

Last week I looked at three pillars of productivity and what they are. This week I wanted to focus on the CORE of productivity.
GTD is a all encompassing methodology that focuses on wide range of aspects of self- management lists, projects, goals, levels of focus, responsibilities, workflow.
It can be daunting and overwhelming to implement all those elements in an orderly fashion. Also some people will not be interested in everything.

I’ve been looking for a part of the whole GTD methodology which provides a lot if insight into how to deal with incoming information and what to do with it.
The 5 stages of GTD workflow is this element. It shows you how things enter your space and walks you through the steps to successful completion.

This is where the CORE comes in. CORE is a workflow or otherwise a set of steps you can follow.The ideas behind CORE and any workflow for that matter is to provide a step by step path for dealing with work and life events.

As you will see CORE is very much influenced by the Getting Things Done approach by David Allen which I think is one of best approaches for work and life management.

The elements of the CORE system:

Collect – at this stage you gather the information via intentional capture or get it delivered into your inbox(es).

Organise – every once in a while prefferably daily, look at your collection points and then decide where to put the items you have. The basic choice is to delete them or put on one of your lists.

Review – make sure that your lists are current and define what requires your attention at a given moment. This stage focuses on lookning at your calendar, project and action lists.

Execute – Once selected, complete the items on your list one at a time. I like word execute better than simple “do” as it conveys more power and authority.

I have omitted the processing stage as I think it’s not distinct enough. In order to organise your things you need to decide what gets added to your list so by default you need to process them.

This workflow can be used independently of the rest of GTD system and applied as a daily or weekly habit for dealing with on coming items. Although the steps are simple implementing them into daily routines can take some time.
This type of workflow can also work very well for managing project and goals. I hope to cover this in future posts.

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