How to cook ideas?

If you want to learn bit more about mind mapping and idea generation I recommend listening to recent episode of Mac Power Users podcast: Cooking ideas.David and Katie, the hosts of the show, describe in detail how they use their Apple devices to create mind maps, outlines and which software was the most effective.

Although I’m a non-Mac user I still enjoy listening to this podcast and learning different ways of improving my computer skills.

I have two favorite tools for cooking ideas. First is Freeplane which is a free mind mapping application. The program is very scalable letting you choose if you want to use just the bare bones of the features or go all crazy and play with hundreds of available options. My second tool is UV Outliner. As name suggest it’s an outlining application that can be used for almost anything including simple but effective task management.

I switch between both applications depending on my needs. I find that mind mapping helps me find a structure within an unstructured idea whereas outlining lets me capture stuff that already has some structure.

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