GTD – thinking, getting more done and lists

It’s easy to reduce the Getting Things Done methodology to a system that focuses on creating bunch of lists to help you do more. This is very redactive approach as the system has much more to offer.
I think that GTD is more about thinking rather than simply doing more. Time and energy are very limited resources so making most out of them while we can is critical.
On the face of it, GTD is about list and contexts, tools (big one) and calendar. However if you look past that it’s more about thinking, reviewing your priorities, needs and wants. Getting really clear about our stuff that what’s GTD is about.

I will never be able to do everything nor should I have to, yet I want to be happy and to have a successful (thousands of definitions) life. Marrying the two together is not easy task but with assistance of systems like GTD it’s possible.

GTD forces you to evaluate things that are on your plate, through weekly reviews, defining what you really want through looking at various levels of life and lastly breaking things down to the smallest action. The “what’s the outcome” and “what’s the next action” are pillars of thinking that remove a lot of ambiguity.

Sure in the end your will have to put things in some sort of system on some sort of list. List make things easier for us but whatever is on those lists should be a result of thinking framework that GTD provides.

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