Weekly Links: habits, 40h work week, handwriting and productivity rules

The power of habits — and the power to change them | Daniel Pink

Most of us look for ways of changing habits or learning how to establish them. Charles Duhigg wrote recently “The Power of habit” which looks at the nature and science of habits. The book is already on my reading list and Daniel Pink has a brief conversation with the author.

40-Hour Work Week – The Magic of Sustainable Growth

Does working more than 40 hours per week really make sense? Is the work that is done when we are pushing the 50th hour really of quality? Luis Suarez (an IBM employee who dumped email) looks at the research supporting the argument behind 40 hour work week. Not only extra hours don’t contribute to performance and overall business outcomes but they also negatively impact our creativity and ability to create real value. It’s very good and interesting read and I absolutely recommend it.

Typing for output. Handwriting for recall

Although use of paper notebooks hasn’t died off the overall trend is toward digitization of writing and taking notes. Digital notes provide many different benefits and there is no doubt about that, yet  still paper provides some form of freedom that makes brainstorming, doodling much easier and effective. Steve from Recording Thoughts blog provides his views on why paper works for him and where the most benefits occur.

My Personal Productivity Rules

Whether you follow a system like GTD or not you follow some rules and have some habits that help you get things done. We mostly apply them automatically and never think they are there. Yet from time to time it’s good to take a stock of things see what works and what could be improved. The first step is to list your productivity rules and see what shows up. LJ Earnest shares her productivity rules that help her stay productive and effective – perhaps you will find some interesting ones.

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