Weekly Links: Will Smith, digital workplace and to many actions.

What Will Smith Can Teach You About Beating Procrastination

Interested how Will Smith got where he is now? Thanh from Asianefficiency.com has a very interesting summary of Will Smith’s thoughts on procrastication, success, goals and vision. It’s simpler than you may have thought but it’s not easy.

The Digital Workplace

How to create a digital workplace that allows people to be productive and effective? Oscar Berg offers very interesting thoughts on this process. My favorite paragraph is: “I see the Digital Workplace as a people-centric approach to empower knowledge workers by simplifying the online work environment for people doing information work.”

To many next actions?

When starting to implement GTD it’s very easy to overload yourself with huge number of next action. It can be very overwhelming to look at list an see hundred of items to do. How can you address this? David Allen provides a very good response. Accept the number of commitment that you have but ultimately what’s important is the work you need to do now everything else is someday.

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