Weekly Links: Paper and smartphone, hypocrite, selecting actions and purpose of productivity

Combine Your Paper Planner and Smartphone to Make SURE School Work Gets Done

Jeff Doubek shares tips on combining paper and smartphone to leverage the strengths of both. Paper is great for planning and setting the direction of a day or week. Digital tools are best for collecting, storing and categorising the information. If you are interested in this topic I would also recommend these two blog posts one by Micheal Schechter and one by David Seah.

Vardy is a hypocrite

Mikes on Mics is one of my favorite podcasts. Recent episode has great discussion around returnig to Omnifocus by Mike Vardy. The conversation focuses on various lessons learned by Mike during the time away from Omnifocus and why it was worth the time and effort.

Productivity Made Simple: Selecting What to Do Next with GTD

Having long lists of things to do can by very paralysing and discouraging. Finding something to do among dozen of items can be difficult. This post by Karol Kral shares various criteria from the Getting Things Done methodology which you can use to select a the most appropriate task given your environment. These are common sense criteria that we apply most of the time unconsciously however from time to time it’s good to get reminded about them especially if we’re stuck and not sure where to go next.

Thoughts on Productivity, Outcomes and Output

What is the purpose of productivity? Why are we looking for ways of getting more done? And more importantly is more the right approach. Great post from AsianEfficiency.com covers these and related questions.

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