Weekly Links: Importance of goals, setting up Evernote, GTD journey and to productivity tips.

Why Not Having Goals is a Recipe for Mediocrity

Time Management Ninja is one of my favorite productivity blogs. Recent post adds to a bit of a debate about value of having goals. Some people have been pointing out that it my be better to let go of goal and be open to opportunities. This post looks at goals from the opposite perspective and highlights the benefits of them and how they can lead to a success.

How to Organize Evernote for Maximum Efficiency

If you’re new or advanced Evernote user this post will definitely get you interested. Firstly Michael Hyatt shares his Evernote setup and how he uses it. I also recommend that you look through the comments there are over 900 of them and some are super insightful.


Excellent post about a journey into getting organized, getting productive and finding your own way of doing things. Great insights. Thanks Micheal.

Top Productivity Bloggers Share their #1 Tip

Some awesome productivity tips form awesome bloggers including Daniel Gold, Brett Kelly, Mike Vardy. I’m there too yay!

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