Paradoxical Productivity

Very often we realise that we’ve chased down the rabbit hole in an effort to get more done, be more productive, have more time.Yet often enough the results are the opposite of what we wanted. Instead of  less work we do it more, instead of reduced stress we have more of it. In Paradoxical Productivity series Nicholas Bates shares some tactics which paradoxically (pun intended) will improve  your productivity.

1: Send Less E-MailGet less e-mail.

2: Tidy UpGain clarity.

3: Fewer PeopleFaster, focused and easier.

4: Use A Wall Planner Not Your Phone To Plan. The future, not just today.

5: You KNOW the problem: (1) Wake Up (2) Look Up (3) Get Real

ParadoxicalProductivity, The Director’s Crib Sheet 1-24

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