Getting clear on productivity

This Friday I wanted to share a link to an interesting blog post about productivity written by Michael Schechter written over at site. Below are three quotes that really stuck with me after reading it.

Regardless, the longer I study this subject, the better I try to get, the more I’m starting to understand that, at least for me, it’s becoming about one thing and one thing only: finding the best way to do your best work.

Unfortunately, true productivity and a coherent workflow don’t come easy (or at least they don’t come easily to many who need it most, myself included). It comes from learning about what’s out there, learning a lot about yourself and taking some time to see how those options can help you improve.

It’s important to remember that many, if not most of the people, who think and write about productivity aren’t doing this because we’re seriously amazing at it; we’re here because we struggle.

We often seek quick tips and simple advice in hope that they will solve the problems we have but it’s rarely that easy. Most of the time becoming more productive is a tool, a proxy to something different like more happiness  fulfilling life ect. Working on those things never ends. So when you are looking to become productive sure apply the nice tips and quick fixes but also look at the larger picture think about your work habits, workflows and tools you use to support yourself in creating your best work.

Clarifying Productivity

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