Each day many of us spend some time to planning our day. We look at our projects, next actions, appointments etc. Then we decide on the things we want to do. Some select only 3 critical items other prefer more 5 or even 10. Once the day starts we quickly jump into our lists and get to work. One after another those actions, projects, to-do get ticked off and they disappear from our list.
Disappear. Once you’re tick done on a task it disappears from the view all that’s left are task which are still outstanding. Using electronic task list we lose ability to see the progress to see the number of things that we’ve accomplished. With out seeing the progress made it’s difficult to tell how are we doing. You can’t enjoy your daily successes as you really don’t see them. Yet celebrating your successes, taking pride from completed items is important. Rushing from one thing to another we often forget to reflect on our success which we often see as not grand enough. However remember Success breeds success! If you see your self succeeding today then there are greater chances that you will succeed tomorrow and the day after and one after that.

If you use paper to manages tasks it easy to see your victories. Paper is perfect for that, you cross items off and at the end of the day you have a page full of accomplishments.

What can you do if you relay on Outlook or Ominfocus, Remember the Milk or any other computer based task manager?

Simply set up a list or a view, whatever your app of choice supports to show the items completed today, or this week, or this month and then review that list on regular basis. Then enjoy your victories.

This is exactly what I did in Remember the Milk. I created a simple list called “CELEBRATE” and yes I used capital letters.

The list shows me all tasks that I have accomplished today. Then I look at it every couple of days and hopefully enjoy a nice number of tasks that I have accomplished.

Do I look at it every day no but I know it’s there and I can look at it when I need it.

It’s simple and powerful reminder of how much we accomplish every day. Give it a try and CELEBRATE your accomplishments.

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