2013 is coming.Start planning.

2013 is coming. Start planning.
We were less than a month away from 2013 so it’s the best time to start planing your next year before the Christmas time kicks in.

This last couple of weeks is a great time for reviewing your year, looking back at your projects, goals and accomplishments. Once you know what have your done time to think about the future. Figuring out the direction in which to go isn’t always easy. If you’re in this place, not sure where to look, what areas to focus on I have a great set of links for you .

It’s personal planning model by Gordo Byrn who’s endurance athlete, coach, writer and entrepreneur. He list some key headers, topic that he considers and analyses when going into annual planning mode. This should give you a great head start in the planning process.

Personal Planning

Seeing he old personal strategy document can be a good inspiration and reference point. You can find a sample document in this Google Doc

I personally find Gordo’s advice very influential and promoting me to consider new things. If you what to read more of this stuff head over to his excellent blog

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