Better document tagging

Tagging is one of the best ways of organising information that you collect. Tags provide reliable way of linking varied contend based on common theme, topic etc. As opposed to folders which are rigid structures tags offer flexibility of linking information that’s spread around.
The only difficulty with tags is ease of creating dozens of them which over time becomes difficult to manage and make send of pile or words.

Dan Gold posted recently a guest post by Robert Oshler outlining a 5 step plan to better tagging of documents.

The key takeaway from this post is to use associations and “evergreen” tags that will give you the context of the information that you want to save. Finding the right or actually best way to tag information will take some time and practice but I’m sure it’s doable. That reminds me that I need to review my Pinboard tags and do a little bit of clean up.

5 Step Plan To Better Document Tagging

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