Productivity Podcasts worth subscribing to

I’m an avid podcast listener and combining that with my interests in personal productivity means that I listen to large number of podcasts in that area. It’s a great way to learn about different productivity techniques, different workflows, listen how other people get things done. Even though all of the below listed shows cover somewhat similar ground each does it in it’s unique and interesting way. I enjoy listening to all of those shows however I’m not recommending that you subscribe to all of them. Simply the amount of time necessary to listen to all of them is substantial and not available to you. Just select one and look through the previous episodes and subscribe if you like it stick with it.

Here is my list of podcast each with short description to help you decide if it’s for you.

Mikes on Mics – my favorite show, ran by two Mikes – Schechter and Vardy. The show focuses on general productivity discussions covering things like GTD, tools, methodologies, failure and focus. Strong feature of the show are interviews with special guests. Last but not least element of the show is “so what are you drinking?” where Mikes and guest share the type of beverage they consume from water through beers to wines and whiskeys. Personally it prompted me to look at some new beers at my local supermarket.

Back to Work – productivity show hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin, although each episode appears to be the odd rambling with little purpose it’s just to warm up once you get pass that there are some absolute gem like insights into productivity, creativity, writing, failure, self-doubt, etc. If you are into GTD you will not find any better GTD explainer than Merlin (he will hate that title).

SystematicBrett Terpstra’s show where he discusses both productivity, technology, internet, creativity and shipping stuff. He has a wide selection of guest covering different topics which makes the show very interesting. I also like the last section of each episode where Brett and his quest share three apps of their choice.

iProcrastinate – I think the name say it’s all. Procrastination is the center element of this show. What unique about this podcast is that it approaches the topic of procrastination and related areas in a very scientific way talking about different research into the area discussing books and interviewing researches.

Manger tools – this show is primary aimed at managers of all the different levels from a supervisor to VP and CEO. The focus of the show is to provide them with the best tools and advice on how to be an excellent manager. Part of that curriculum is self management, productivity and time management. Both host of the show have a lot of experience in the area so there are plenty of ideas to absorb.

Beyond the Todo list – I’m fairly new to this podcast and I came across it when I’ve heard that David Allen was on that show. I went through the archives and downloaded couple previous episodes and enjoyed them quite a lot. Similarly to other podcast it covers wide range of productivity areas including some very good interviews.

Best got Just better – This is a weekly podcast by Jason Womack which I would call a “prompt me to think” podcast. Each week Jason share his thought and tips on making things bigger, going for the better, focusing on the important. I always find something to ponder about, consider etc.

Mac Power Users – this a regular show by David Sparks and Katie Floyd where they share ideas, tips, programs etc that will make you a better Mac user. Aside from the Mac related stuff every few episode they release a show dedicated to improving you productivity. There were shows about cooking ideas, Omnifocus, meeting etc. If you’re a Mac user it’s truly a gold mine, if you’re on Windows (like me) it’s great inspiration to look for better solutions.

Homework – a great show for those freelancing or working from home. Dave Caolo and Aaron Manke share their experiences with working from home, being productive, staying on top of the things that are important, keeping clients happy and taking time of with family. It’s great mix of personal stories and solid advice that will help you get the job done.

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you listen to on regular basis? Let others know and share them in the comments section.

Photo credit (Five Wun O’Clothing)

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