Planning 2013

As we’ve entered year 2013 is few days ago I wanted to share two ways of planning you might consider when thinking of this year.
First one by Chris Guillebeau  is a fairly extensive process of completing a yearly review along with planning new goals, defining actions and steps necessary to achieve them. Important part of this approach is to specify clear outcomes you want to achieve whether it’s the amount of money you want to earn, number of blog posts to publish or clients to reach out to. The second important element of this is to detail some steps necessary to achieve it.

How to conduct your own annual review

Second approach by Kaihan Krippendorff focuses more on the high level aspects of yearly resolutions. Rather than specify goals you define areas of focus that you want to focus on or projects you wish to accomplish. Once that done define what you want to be true for each element at the end of the year and work backwards setting up milestones for each quarter. Each day spend some time looking at these items and feel how it is to have these items done.

Strategy tracking tool

This year I will be using the second approach when defining my areas of focus for this year.

One more important element to remember is to keep things flexible. Idea, goals, plans that are true today may not be valid in 3 or 4 months. Keep your mind open for new opportunities never know when they might show up.

Happy Planning!

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