Emotional intelligence and productivity

Penelope Trunk knows quite a lot about navigating your career.
Below link as an old blog entry about emotional intelligence that caught my eye mainly because of the reference to productivity.

This was surprising connection, after all being productive for many appears to be a robot like, cold, mechanical. The more you’re organised the more likely you’re to work on making things happen again not really related to emotional intelligence.

Yet there is and I think it’s actually quite strong one. I’ll leave you with this quote and let you head over to Penelope’s blog.

The core of productivity advice, though, is self-knowledge, which is emotional intelligence. You have to know what you want most in order to know what to do first. You have to know your goals before you can productively meet them. And you have to have the self-consciousness to exert a sane, focused self-discipline to your life.

The one skill you need for three key areas of career growth


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