Ingredients of success. Luck and Skill.

What do you need to be successful?
Many think you just need to be luck. They may be right if all you hope to do, is to hit the jackpot in lotto. Yet if you want to go beyond that and create something lasting luck will not be enough and people will quickly discover what you’re really worth.

Perhaps all you need is skill, a very specific one, mastered to perfection. This may be ok but it will only take you so far, unlikely you will be able to reach beyond your very small and tight niche.

If however you want to go further you will need both, you need skills to master your “thing”, to be best in it and you also need luck i.e. that rare event when you meet someone that needs your skill and that opens new doors for you. Mastering our skill makes it easy to be noticed and picked up what the time’s right.

By mastering the skill you make your own luck, when it comes you’re ready for it and you can deliver.

Cal Newport in his recent blog post shares his observations on this topic based on the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s quite interesting story to follow and one worth reading.

Does Luck Matter More Than Skill?

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