Personal Kanban. Visualizing tasks

Sometimes having list isn’t enough. The sheer volume of tasks, actions and projects can be overwhelming almost to the point of paralysis.
Personal Kanban is a very interesting concept that seems to help with this problem. At a high level it helps you divide your work into three categories: to-do, doing, done. The important element of this is to use of board to which the tasks are attached to. This way you can have a nice visual representation of what’s on what’s coming and what’s done.

This look like clever way of introducing a focused approach to dealing with tasks and being overwhelmed.

Personally I haven’t tried it but I’m planning to do so at some point this year. A fellow blogger and academic Pascal Venier is a big fan of combining Kanban and GTD.

For now I wanted to share a link to a presentation Personal Kanban 101.

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