Omnifocus 2 announced

Although I focus primarily on the Windows  productivity tools, I must mention recent developments on the Mac side. Last week a new version of Omnifocus has been announced.
Omnifocus seems like a reference application for anyone trying to implement GTD in their life and I’m pretty sure there any many Windows users which envy Mac users for this applications. Although a lot can be said that it’s not  the tool but a robust process and execution makes person productive nonetheless a good tool can help. Omnifocus seems to be this app, plus it have very prominent supporters like Merlin Mann, David Sparks, Mike Vardy etc.

If you’re interested in this application and would like to know about the direction of changes below are couple of likes that you may check out.

Preview of Omnifocus 2 for Mac

Debut of Omnifocus 2

Interview with Ken CAse on Omnifocus 2

I’m pretty sure there will few more reviews coming over the next couple of week so I recommend that you keep an eye on these sites.

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