One thing at a time

25% to 50% of people say they are overwhelmed and burned out at work.

Multitasking was (is?) this super desired skill that supposed to set you apart form competition and while to a degree multitasking is possible doing it on consistent and regular basis is a bad strategy.

Our brain will fry and rather be happy from the  accomplished work we stress out about the other things that have piled up. Multitasking is a race to a bottom and a game that you can’t win.

By relentlessly focusing on something and switching from task to task and not giving yourself a time to recharge leaves you with less and less energy available so you regularly get to the point of passing out on a couch or going straight to bed.

Tony Schwartz in the HBR blog shares some simple and practical tips for both managers and employees to be better at managing energy and focusing on single item. In his experience definite focus periods mixed with short rejuvenation periods (.i.e stepping away from a desk, short walk) provide best results for maintaining consistent productivity. 

Let me share 2 tips from this post one for a manager

Stop demanding or expecting instant responsiveness at every moment of the day

and second for an employee

Establish regular, scheduled times to think more long term, creatively, or strategically

You can read the full blog post The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time on Harvard Business Review site.

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