The new direction

Last week I mentioned that the site was moved, this was little more premature that I was planning for. I initially wanted first to move to Squarespace and continue with domain for a while. Unfortunately during the redirection process I messed things up and practically nuked my WordPress installation  As it was 1:30 am there was no point in trying to recover and I decided to push forward and I quickly moved to new domain too. By 4 am I was up and running with domain redirection set up.

The Creating Personal Flow is my new home on internet and it’s a continuation of the work that I did running Think in Projects.

My previous site was very much technical and focused on tools this side of productivity. My current focus is shifting into a new direction where I want to look at productivity and all the related topics as means for creating flow and removing friction. I want to look at broader set of things and I got to conclusions that previous site was a bit limiting. To overarching theme of this site will be creating flow in life that leads to more success, development, creativity and happy life in general.

When I think of flow the following springs to mind fluidity, ease, clarity, movement, focus, friction-less, patience, persistence.

Soon you will see a new page added to this site which explains in detail why, what and how of this website.

Hope you will find new iteration of my site compelling and continue to read it. If you have any feedback or suggestions for things you would like me to cover please get in touch via contact page

P.S. The current design is also an intermediate step and will change over the coming weeks. I’m leveraging the ease of use of Squarespace platform and I will be adding new visual elements that will match the theme and the direction of this site. 

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