Since moving to a new domain a blog post about a flow was an overdue task. I’ve asked my wife Magdalena who normally writes about spirituality to share her thoughts on this very subject.

Hi All! It’s a great honour and pleasure to be guest starring on Rafal’s blog. It’s a challenge too as I normally address different readers. I would like to offer you a much different approach to life and productivity as a part of it. Rafal asked me to write about flow, my understanding of it anyway. Before I get into that, let me just lay a foundation for you. The premise of my philosophy is this: you are not a body who has a soul; you are a soul who chose to have this physical experience in a body.

You are an energy being and part of you vibrates on a much slower rate (that is your physical self). Everything that happens to you is a match to your vibrations. Your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are vibrations too and they very much add on to this vast vortex of energy that is your being. I hope you’re still with me.

So… what is flow in that case?

Flow is your natural state. It simply means you are in alignment with the vaster part of you – your soul. When you experience flow your body is relaxed, you breathe deeply, your mind is clear and you feel calm. All ’positive’ emotions which show up in this state are just indicating that you are still in alignment with your essence. Flow fundamentally is the absence of resistance. When resistance to what is shows up the flow ceases as your body and mind contract, tense up and you experience ’negative’ emotions. Note: emotions are like sign posts letting you know if you are in alignment (positive ones) or out of it (negative ones).

Back to earth…

I’m sure all of you experienced this state when you felt really well, alive and in the zone when working on something exciting or maybe while hiking or running. In that time you are fully focused and immersed in what you’re engaging with. There are no doubts, fears and not a shred of tension in your body. You felt vibrant, joyful and often elated by the experience.

The characteristics of the flow are openness and balance. Imagine that the flow is a stream of water, and you are on the boat floating in that water. If there’s flow you go downstream, there are no obstacles on your path (there’s no resistance) and your boat is in balance (not rocking). You are moving quite fast! It feels good too!

Now, let’s translate that into real life: openness means accepting what is and engaging with it happily. Balance means just the right amount of time spending visualizing/day dreaming/planning/tapping into the bigger picture and taking action. If you ever saw ying/yang symbol – it is exactly that – perfect balance.

When you’re engaged with a new exciting project you don’t object it – you love it you want to do it (openness) and you have spent time thinking about it and picturing it in your mind’s eye. When you have the clarity of what the broader picture is and how to make it happen, you get into action. You are also clear and sure of your steps. It is therefore easy and enjoyable to get to the desired outcome and you get there in nearly no time – the magic of the flow. There’s one more crucial component of the flow: it is trust. You need to trust yourself (trust that our ideas are fabulous) and trust life that indeed your project is going to be successful.

We all would ideally like to experience flow (or in my world – alignment) more often if not all the time. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t happen that often to you, huh? Don’t worry, there’s a way to practice the alignment/flow and be more in that fantastic state. How? By creating the right conditions for it… yes, you can create the flow it doesn’t happen only by fluke!

I suggest start with something that helps you calm your mind (meditation works for me), the body will follow in feeling relaxed; emotions will be very calm. And you’ll find yourself in the state of openness! Boom first condition! Also make peace with & accept what is – wherever you are in your life is perfect. You are just learning something important (everything that happens to you is a blessing – sometimes it’s in disguise). Boom more openness!

Thank for what is (even if you don’t like it), appreciate how great it is to be alive, to be you, to do and have all those things that work in your life.

Spend time connecting to the grand vision of your life or just a project… get clear on what you want and then visualize that as if it was already your reality (really picture it in full colour, feel how great it is… make the picture bigger and brighter). Then take action on it. Boom – condition two of the flow (balance).

Finally chose to trust, I know I know… easier said than done, but hey, trust is a choice. You can choose to trust yourself & life. If you feel resistance to that one (you know, the opposite of the flow), you might want to address your beliefs about life.

Now, you are experiencing the flow! Well done!

There’s a hack to flow… I’ll give you this hack… what the heck…

You consciously chose to feel good (vibrate high frequencies= being more of your vaster self= being in the flow).

If you feel crap just honour that feeling (by feeling it without the story attached to it, the feeling will pass in a matter of seconds) and when you’re ready move on, do something that would cheer you up (dancing and goofing around works for me). When you feel better, keep moving upwards and chose to feel even better than that.
You want to aim for LOVE, GRATITUDE, JOY and EMPOWERMENT. These feelings are the ultimate flow. Then you’re flowing and you’re flying and it feels amazing!

See you there, flying up in the sky!

With love & sparkly hugs