Quarter end – time for a goal review

We are almost done with quarter on of 2013 it’s a good time to look back at the past three months and take a stock of what was accomplished, which goals are really coming to fruition and which were just a wishful thinking.

There is an excellent post over at Copyblogger which touches precisely on that point. To make progress on the projects, ideas, goals which you set for yourself they need to be reviewed and assessed on regular basis and end of quarter makes a perfect time for that.  There are four elements which can help you make this review process: 

  1. Thinking space to look at the plans and reality.
  2. Check the basics – see where you are at the moment
  3. Look back – review your goals, have things changed, are they still valid
  4. Look forward – define where to go, identify new projects, set the action steps 

Beware the Ideas of March