Support your productivity

Productive isn’t just a simple adjective describing a person.
To me productive means delivering results from a set of behaviors and use of the right tools.
There is no silver bullet here. You can’t simply pick up one or two tips from a popular blog and expect that they will change your life. Sure they can give you a necessary boost of energy but they will quickly wear off.

What you need is to develop right behaviors that support your productivity. What are they?:

  • capture ideas
  • keep a single task list
  • avoid distractions
  • focus on one thing
  • avoid multitasking
  • ask what’s the outcome and what’s the next action
  • plan
  • banish procrastination

There are many more practices and small routines what will improve your productivity. For the moment start with the above and see where they fall short. Only seek more solutions when you need them.

Then are the tools. The better they fit you and your job the more you will achieve. Starting with pen and paper is the simplest route you can take. There are other options available too for your laptop, tablet or smartphone. It’s easy to get distracted by all the bells and whistles but keep it to the point. If your main job is to do email, then find best program for it and learn all its tricks. Repeat that for any other application that you need.

The last thing is to continuously strive to improve. Big jumps are effective but in a race between tortoise and hare it was a slow but consistently moving tortoise who won it. Keep your pace and move along, the stronger foundation you will build the bigger and better effects you will see.