All new Remember the Milk

Last week my favorite task manager seen a really big update. New smartphone and tablet versions have been released for the Android platform.

This is very welcomed update as although I grew accustomed to the previews look of the app on my phone the tablet version was really non-existent.

The update is a complete re-design of android clients and after couple days I really like it. It added a vertical bar to the left side of the screen which gives very quick and easy access to lists, tags, due dates. The lists of with tasks now slide from the right showing all relevant elements. 

Viewing and editing of  task notes has been improved which makes it easier to take the advantage of this rarely used feature.

By default task show up with out check mark and once you press edit in the top right corner you can check off more than one task. I haven’t decided whether it’s good or bad as on one hand it’s forces you to select one task and focus on it but on the other hand you need extra taps to manipulate it.

Overall I really, really like this new version and big thumbs up for creating tablet version too. I’m yet to do it but I can already see that doing weekly reviews on a tablet will be very pleasant and effective experience.

You can check the details of this update on the Remember the Milk blog site.

The updated version is now available on Google Play store too.

Last but not least Google+ has a great number of commentators chipping in with their opinions on this update. It’s well worth checking it out and what users have to say.