Easy way to follow up on email

For many email is a productivity killer. Constant inflow of data is more of a distraction rather than productivity enabler. Yet at the same time email is the primary tool for communication, exchange of ideas and collaboration.

Jason Womack, a productivity and performance speaker and consultant, in his recent post for the Entrepreneur shares some of his favorite three tips in which you can improve your email management.

One that specifically struck with me is to bcc: yourself on an email that you need to follow up on and flag or move such email into a follow up folder so. This is an excellent way of making sure you have quick access to the items you need to keep and eye on.

To automate this process even further you can cc: your self not could set up a set of rules in your email client which would recognize that you bcc: yourself and would automatically tag or move messages into the right folder. 

As in my day job more and more of my work is tied to email this will be an excellent solution which will simplify tracking of follow up items.

Be sure to check the other two tips as they are very handy too.

How to Transform Your Email into a Productivity Tool

Update 07 May 2013 – while working on setting up my rule to take advantage of this follow up method I realised that I can’t use the bcc: field when sending emails (bcc: means the recipients are hidden).
If you want to automate filing and still use above method include your email address in the cc: field. Then set up a rule to flag or categorise items for follow up when you’re the sender and your email is in the cc: field.

I tested this today and work flawlessly in Outlook.