As the complexity of our world become greater and greater we can’t know everything, and understand everything. 
With increasing complexity and wealth tools solutions we realize we can’t have everything because it’s too expensive to buy, maintain or simply it’s need just once in a while. 

That’s where we need collaboration to bring and able to tap into people, knowledge, tools, resources so that we can build, create and do things that we want. This form of sharing to only allows leveraging of not only what we have but making better use of the limited resources that we start notice.

If you’re interested in sch topic I recommend listening to an Interview with Jeremiah Owyang on collaborative Economy. 


Themes for different parts of a day

I was browsing through my Pinboard archive and came across this very interesting post from Study Hacks website.  

It describes a way of adding a structure to a day but it isn’t simple planning and scheduling appointments in a calendar.  So rather than dropping invents every 60 or 30 minutes put bigger blocks which will reflect larger types of work like writing, reading, key tasks etc. 

I think this goes very well with the ideas promoted by Tony Schwartz who refers us to natural rhythms o our bodies. If you combine the two i.e. schedule though mental activities for your most creative time you will most likely get the results that you expect. 

Working on such task should not only by more effective but would also be more focused.

My focus centric day


On working from home

Randy Murray published an excellent essay about working from home and the things to watch out for. If you’re considering working from home give it a go and how it works.

Here’s the key question to ask yourself: is working from home better
than working in an office? You’ll have to try it to find out.

Working From Home


The future of work

I’m in the midst of very important and big project that is probably one of the most important financial decisions once ever makes. It takes most of my time and attention hence there is very little time left for writing and proper blogging. 

However I still want to keep you well informed and share interesting pieces of content from all around the web.  For the next couple of weeks I intend to post mostly links and short updates. 

Today I’m sharing an excellent piece about future of work. Luis Suarez (no email man) has written a thought provoking post full of interesting links and questions to ponder on. 

Perhaps you don’t need to think about every day but once in while spending time about future of your own work could be very important thing which propels your career and make your life fulfilled.  

The Future of Work by 2020




Actions not tools

Reading about other people solutions and tools is great way to gain some insights and learns different approaches. Yet there is a limit to how much you can gain from that as what really matters is finding your solutions to your own problems. 

If you’re stuck in loop of constantly searching for different apps and solutions listen to two podcasts from the ex 70Decibels and now 5by5 network. These should give enough food for thought and help to pin point where the issues are with your productivity system.

First is episode 203 of Enough with excellent Patrick Rhone.

Second is episode 69 of Mikes on Mics with Michael Schechter and Mike Vardy.

Happy listening!

Disconnect. Really.

Being always online, checking feeds, email, collaborating from your phone or tables is extraordinary. Just few years ago you had to put a lot of effort to collaborate with people form another office not to mention another country.

Yet being constantly on has considerable draw backs. Our ability to focus and concentrate is diminishing as we are constantly bombarded by pings, dings of the different devices. 

Tony Schwartz writes what it really means to disconnect and why it’s important. As it turns out despite our fear that we might miss something there’s hardly a thing that couldn’t wait. 

As the holiday season is upon us, take time to really disconnect and leave your gadgets at home and pick places with no wi-fi and then enjoy the food, nature and the slowly passing time.

What Happens When You Really Disconnect