Value vs Volume

Cal Newport over at study hacks shared some of his impresions from watching a documentary about Woddy Allen his life and habits. What really got my attention there was section about value in productivity.

You can easily get an impression that productivity is about improving the volume of tasks that are completed. To a an extent that’s correct, there maybe be a scope for introducting automation, removing unnecessary or old obligations. But there is more beyod that.
The more is in the value of the tasks that we complete. Value is in focusing in high return activities if you are writing a book that should be your priority, if you’re training to a marathon other things should be put to the side.

There are countless of different things you could do at any given moment but consider this in 44 years Woody Allen created 23 films surely hours on Twitter didn’t help with that.

Woody Allen and the Art of Value Productivity

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