34 days

I was catching up on some of my favourite podcasts and that included Mikes on Mics episode 83 where the guys are talking about the intersection of self-improvement and productivity.  

One of the things that caught my attention was the idea of testing things over 34 days. Seems like an odd number but as Mikes explain, it makes sense. 

Trying different ways to stay productive, organised is part of a process of finding what works. However what does not make sense is jumping from place to place without a proper experimentation and time to adjust.  

Weekly time scale isn’t effective for that it’s just too short to see what’s good and bad. On the other end making a commitment to use a method or workflow for 34 days makes it inconvenient enough to see through different scenarios. Getting committed to a process for this number of days gives you much more time and opportunities to test it properly.

You can listen to the details at The Line Between Self-Improvement and Productivity