Too much to do? Move up a level.

It’s easy to get over-committed. It’s easy to say yes to new projects and endeavors. As new items get added the list is overflowing with tasks, actions and steps it’s becoming difficult to pick the right ones and be happy with your choice. After all you could have selected a different task out of 300 sitting in your list. 

This type of thinking isn’t effective and it simply adds to overall frustration with the lack of progress.

If you have too much to do and continuously struggle with mountains of tasks it’s time to move up a level and ask some deeper questions like:

  • what do I want?
  • what’s really important?
  • where am I going?

There never be a shortage of things to do hence at some point you will realize that making sure that your ladder is stacked against the right wall is the key to personal growth and progress.