Finding my feet

Last couple of months were difficult, not that something bad has happened. It was just the sheer volume and scale of changes that took place and the compressed time they took place in. What has changed? In the last few months I moved to completely new area which meant that my commute, shopping and training routines needed a very serious adjustment. There was also a significant career change and we have a new member of my family is on its way.

All of this meant that there was a lot of stress and we had to put a lot of energy to make sure everything happened on time and that the choices we were making were right ones. Although it’s not always easy to tell that immediately. 


So after a big push to complete a project, after a big effort to get something done there is this moment of sigh “it’s done”. Achieving a goal is very happy moment indeed but once you’re there, there is a moment where you’re lost a bit. The big thing is done so what’s next. 

That what I got to experience, with all the big changes and adjustments happening at same time, doing more than just the basics was difficult and frustrating. This new situation makes you loose your feet. Before I was firmly grounded, focused on achieving my goal but once achieved it was difficult to re-orientate myself in the new situation.

As a result a lot of stuff had be set on a side and let fallow including this blog, my regular training and few other things.

Moving on

So the past couple of months I’ve spend a lot of time thinking, writing, making lists and talking. Externalizing this sort of stuff really helps to see it from a different perspective, even if it meant I was rewriting a lot of it. Perhaps that was the point, the repeating items indicates they require particular attention. 
The start of the new year was a convenient cut off point to focus on what lies ahead and do some proper planning. That process is almost done and one of my goals for 2014 is to makes sure I write here on regular basis. You will be the judge if whether I have achieved it.