The best advise on writing

In the space of two, three days I’ve come across two items that pretty much nailed it for me in terms of the best advise on writing.

First one is episode 5 of The Weekly Briefly podcast where Shawn Blanc (the host) talks to Patrick Rhone about writing. It’s 55 min long but every minute is worth it. There is so much good stuff there that single quote will not cut it. Go and listen!! 

(you can easily guess I more than like that episode).

Second piece of content that I wanted to share is Cut the bullshit and make time to write

I think the title says it all but this bit of text is a handy reminder why you should keep writing regardless.

Make yourself write, because a day will come when you’re really fucking inspired and you will shit out 500 words of pure solid gold.


Small things

The other day I noticed a small bunch of flowers that my wife put in our home office. Even though this was a small bunch, it had a very profound impact on the look and feel of the room. Somehow the room was more attractive, more welcoming, more bright.

This small observation got me to think about the world of work and productivity. I think and frankly I’ve experienced myself that seemingly small projects can propel your career or business light years ahead. 

There are many methods and processes we explore in order to keep productive and effective. We seek  systems or workflows that will drastically improve the way we work. But that’s difficult; it takes time and effort to shift thinking and habits from one style to another. Just imagine that implementing GTD® in full takes about 2 years.

Instead of trying to go all in and improve everything all at once, start small. Define what doesn’t work as a whole but approach it chunks. 
For those looking to implement GTD® check the Zen To Done posts which provide great overview on how to implement a simplified version of Getting Things Done methodology.

If you struggle with email look at ways to fix your inbox, see what’s not relevant that gets sent to you and unsubscribe. Look at filters and rules to automate filing, and learn keyboard shortcuts.

The same will apply to backlog of tasks or clutter in your rooms-tackling all of it in one go is difficult but taken in smaller pieces will be much easier and approachable.
Just like the small bunch of flowers can improve a whole room, a small change applied consistently can improve one’s life.


Do email and stay sane

Whether we like it or not email is still a king of communication from friends’s updates, newsletters to passwords resets and reminder all this is delivered via email. It’s always good to run through a quick refresh of how to stay sane.

Sam Spurlin has shared his best practices for managing email and I’m sure you will be able to pick up a thing or two. 

How I Do Email (Sanely)