New tool no longer needed

I had a couple of posts drafted with a number of points explaining why I no longer use Remember The Milk but they are now defunct as I’m back using it.

Why the initial switch? I think, I looked to move to some other application simply because I let the tasks and projects became stale in RTM. I wasn’t doing any pruning and things got out of hand, at the time when I really needed something to rely on. Plus at that time Wunderlist (which I used) made some big announcements about improved looks, better sync and new features.

Moving to new applications was a fairly effective step, as it allowed me to start with a clean slate and focus on the 2-3 major projects that I had going on.

When things calmed down a bit, I started to see the shortcomings of Wunderlist. I had some sync issues whereby items added on PC weren’t synced to the cloud or vice versa. The ability to tag and sort tasks wasn’t there either. I liked the sub-task feature but to be honest, I haven’t used it that often.

A couple other things that spurred me to move back to Remember the Milk were the reliability of the platform, smart lists and the all powerful quick add which makes adding and tagging tasks very quick and effective.

RTM didn’t really fail me in the sense that it corrupted any items or lost any of my tasks. It was more my own neglect that made me seen it in the negative light. Plus the thought that the grass is always greener when using something else.

Having gone through this switch, the main lesson for me is, that I should stick with the current setup and only adjust the system, not move away from it. If I need to focus on one or two projects again, I will be better off by creating dedicated lists in RTM and focusing on them. This way I will achieve two things:

  • – keep everything in one place and
  • – stick with my current setup and thus avoid losing time to move to another tool.

Extra granularity and spreading task across various applications is no longer needed.

Obviously this works for me as Remember the Milk is my personal task manager and I don’t need to collaborate with anybody. If you’re in different position look at your needs and see what are you using already then consider new options.