It just works, no need to change it

I’m not sure if one should write in defense of their favorite software, after all we have individual needs and what works for me may not work for you. Over the last few months I’ve been stumbling up on criticism of Remember the Milk over their lack of development. If I recall correctly I’ve seen using RTM since 2010 on regular basis and it remains my trusted system. Because of that I thought I would share some of the thought why I’m ok with the current state of RTM.

The silence

There are many applications that update on regular basis, loudly announce new features and options. RTM folk are mostly silent. Most recent update to the system was about connectivity with Evernote reminders. For many this silence is somewhat unsettling, some wonder if the developers are still committed to the product, will it last for long.

Yet I trust them, they have been very focused on the core functionality which is task list and the sync process. Both have been rock solid and I can’t recall times when I would lose tasks or could not use the application. Since the price of the premium service is right, the feature set is good and fits my needs. I’m happy.

Perhaps what should change is communication, unmet promises or prospects of change leave bad impression and downgrade otherwise a great product. I have tried many different task applications but none offered a rock solid synchronisation with good set of functions and ability to manage tasks in very flexible way.

The Power of RTM

To a degree the lists, the tagging, the smart search make Remember the Milk a very nerdy product. But this is where the power of RTM lies, its flexibility, easy of access from any platform. There are many features that seem to be missing like collaboration, sub-tasks, projects. I think these are misdirected points. One needs to take RTM for what it is. On the basic level it’s a personal list manager and it meets this function very well. It’s us, the users who want to bend it to fit into their own needs or preconceived notions and that where the disconnect happens. The app will not be able to fill all the needs. Once you approach the app from the perspective of what it is then one can see all it’s versatility and power.

In some respects constant updates and changes ultimately break the product and frustrate users as features are removed or updated

To conclude pen and paper hasn’t seen major update in hundred years and yet we still use it. It might be far-fetched but RTM seem to be the same, why force a change if it it works as it should?

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