Why do big companies suck? | Scott Berkun

I found this insightful post in my Pinboard archives.
There are many voices calling why large companies suck and many of the are right. I definitely agree with item 3 (bureacracy addiction) and 5 (Peter principle) in Scott’s post.

At the same time I’m trying to see things in positive light. One can carve out its little world and make things work as if it was a small company. Sure there will be occasional friction points when the mothership sends a “memo”.
If the attitude is right and work is interesting and tick most of your boxes you can be quite happy and successful in big corporation.

Last but not least it’s important to keep number 4 (they believe in their own bullshit) and 8 (status quo/follower mentality) in mind and be ready.

Why do big companies suck? – Scott Berkun