Slow down

This is best post that I’ve read this week.  

Absolute gem and must read. 

It brings to forefront the fact that our own busyness leads to poor understanding of concepts and issues. As result the quality of decisions is suffering, our thinking is redactive or non existing and we relay or opinions of others who not necessarily have the understanding we seek.

This post is full of food for thought. 

Searching for Right Action

Patrick Rhone has very thoughtful piece on the concept of right action. He investigates it by looking at his usage of social media however the key concepts can be easily applied to other areas of life.

So too, before one takes action, one must have, understanding, intention, and speech rightly aligned. Because your action will be supported, flow from and be informed by all of these — rightly aligned or not.

I too have been looking at my commitments and how are they aligned with what I want and aspire to. The first step is really to step back and ponder on the things that happen in ones life. Not to judge them but simply see as they are and where they lead to. Another way is to look at the things that one wants to invite to his or hers life.
I think approaching from two perspectives is helpful as so far I’ve noted couple things that require addressing and alignment. One such thing amongst the items I picked up on is running this site. I definitely sense that the alignments is missing. Often times I can get one or two items to align and only occasionally all three of them. Despite seeing numerous benefits flowing from running this site I’m yet to find a way of building strong alignment and maintain it on a long term basis.

I invite you to read Patrick’s post and think of your own actions and how aligned they are.