A Better Reader

How to Read a Book via excellent FarnamStreet Blog

Become a Demanding Reader Reading is all about asking the right questions in the right order and seeking answers. There are four main questions you need to ask of every book:

  • What is this book about?
  • What is being said in detail and how?
  • Is this book true in whole or in part?
  • What of it?

Day traders

Two thoughts about day traders and long term builders.

Day Traders might make some fast cash to spend on hookers and blow that way, it has little to do with true wealth. Those who know the market know those folks play the short game.

Two thoughts: a. Keep them separate. The best way to avoid long-term work is to be exposed to juicy short-term urgencies.
b. Hesitate before spending your most alert and dedicated work time on the short-term tasks.
Day trading might be fun, but we can do better.

David vs Goliath

This is a short story of revival of Irish boxing team from being ridiculled to world’s top team. They were one of the most successful ones during London Olympic Games. No other country has this good boxing team regardless of size. Pretty impressive.

But this is also a post that encourages every small business owner to keep going and not give up. There will be obstacles. There will be bigger, more powerful competitors but small companies are agile, fast and adaptable.

When David beats Goliath

Hat tip to @eske for finding this post.