Public vs business interests in software

Both transparency and oversight are being threatened in the software world. Companies routinely fight making their code public and attempt to muzzle security researchers who find problems, citing the proprietary nature of the software. It’s a fair complaint, but the public interests of accuracy and safety afety need to trump business interests.

From Bruce Schneier

Kindle centered reading and learning workflow

An excellent reading and learning centered arond Kindle

  1. read a book
  2. highlight sections, sentences as you go
  3. extract highlights to your notetaking app of choice
  4. review highlights, add any additional thoughts and comments
  5. use those in your writing and learning

I picked it up from The Knowledge Project podcast- Shane Parish – Interview with Sanjay Bakshi

On fragility, time and risk

I rarely post links to stories about banking and financial services but this article is highly interesting and has a lots of food for thought.

How (anti)fragile are you?

Remember that this is the age of just-in-time inventory management, Cooper added – meaning supermarkets have very small stocks. With impeccable understatement, he said: “It is sobering to contemplate the consequences of interrupting food supplies to the world’s major cities for even a few days.”

Where is your focus?

“When you can be out of the door in five minutes, your horizon becomes five minutes,” one City worker told me. Another asked: “Why would I treat my bank any better than my bank treats me?”

Where is your risk?

Risk-taking at a bank that will always be saved, they said, is like playing Russian roulette with someone else’s head.

How the banks ignored the lessons of the crash