Golden Rules

Thus, we can deduce that, in addition to good luck and good timing, it was Darwin’s habits of completeness, diligence, accuracy, and habitual objectivity which ultimately led him to make his greatest breakthroughs. It was tedious. There was no spark of divine insight that gave him his edge. He just started with the right basic ideas and the right heroes, and then worked for a long time and with extreme focus and objectivity, always keeping his eye on reality.

What made Charles Darwin an Effective Thinker? Follow the Golden Rule


After 18 month period of study all of my exams are done. I’m finally available to focus on this website, post on regular basis and share things I liked or got me thinkng.

My study was a commitment I’ve made almost 2,5 years ago and while my situation has changed with baby and family commitments I managed to keep up with the demands of post graduate degree. It was not easy.

I’m glad to have it done and even more happy to have extra time to focus on this website which was neglected for too many months.

I’m currently working on a plan to revive this site and making a habit of regular posting here. Hopefully small steps will snow ball into something substantial.