Judgement vs Stamina

Last night I got to watch Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Arianna Huffington. One of the topics touched on the amount of time spend working.

One particular sentence by Arianna Huffington that stood out for me was:

people are paid for their judgement not for their stamina

This is quite profound especially if you think how much infromation is produced every minute, how many workplaces are lost due to automation. This process isn’t slowing down, quite the opposite. One can’t keep up with a machine that can perform the same set of tasks over and over again without any need for break, sleep or else.

It’s clear we can’t produce more purely by spending more hours working. In fact it’s the reverse the more you work the lower your output. There are countless examples of that.

This brings us to judgement this is how one provides value to company. By taking time to think, work on insights, use creativity to suggest new solutions or improvements.

See full episode for some more insights Oprah & Arianna Huffington on Her Big Wake-Up Call.